I was taught to work hard, help those in need and do right by people. I have always pursued justice – to be fair in all situations.  As a kid I was always the one who read all of the rules to the board games and made sure that everyone was playing correctly.  If there was a dispute I would bring out the rule book.   Although we did not have any African American attorneys in Valdosta, my desire was to be an attorney.  I graduated from college with a degree in Communications and became a radio announcer.  I got a job with a small AM station in Atlanta and relocated here.  I would tell everyone that I wanted be a lawyer to help people. My parents always told my sisters and me, that you can be whatever you want to be.   I finally got my opportunity and was able to obtain my law degree with a full grant.   What a blessing!   My Mother says if you are blessed be a blessing to someone else.

Since that time I have tried to continue living by those values in my personal and business life.  I volunteered for the Women’s Resource center I began to have an understanding of domestic violence and its effect on the family especially the children.   I volunteered for the Truancy Panel that intervened to correct the truancy and avoid prosecution.  I have performed hundreds of hours of pro bono work.   Personally I have volunteered with feeding the homeless, passing out blankets and have been board member for substance abuse centers and counseling center. I work hard and with integrity.

Being brought up in the church, I learned that that we are required to do justice not exclusively in the court room but in everyday life. Justice is being fair and balanced so I believe in second chances.  I have needed them.  That is why a support second chance programs that erase misdemeanors arrest records that did not result in a conviction.  I am willing to work together with law enforcement, community organizations and the legislature to expand criminal justice reform.

If I am elected your Solicitor General I will seek justice.  Justice is about doing what is right. It is about following and respecting the law, protecting the rights of citizens, and being fair. Those traits are what I will bring to the office of Solicitor General.

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